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a potted plant sitting on top of a wooden table in the middle of a garden
Popcorngress – årets enkleste plantetrend
a trash can sitting in the middle of a field
Burried trash can for winter bokashi composting
a house made out of bricks sitting on top of a table next to scissors and other items
Foto – Presepi e Diorami
Fachadas de casas sobre poliespan
a small house made out of rocks with a water wheel on the front and side
The WaterLily Mill
Enchanted Cottages created by Roger Davies: This magnificent model is built from pebbles and riverstone, with a traditional Welsh slate roof and hand-cut ridge tiles. The doors, window, mill race and the wheel itself are fashioned from local oak.
a small house made out of rocks with a bell on top
Seashell over the door and window- great idea!
a small house made out of rocks and wood with a clock tower on the top
a bird house made out of an old door with ladders attached to the side
Fairy Doors: 9 Creative Fairy Doors Ideas You Can Do Yourself
a fairy treehouse door! how sweet
a man is making a house out of wood and rocks with a hammer on it
oh yeh using silicon to construct houses that will take the extremes of out door life.:
a small house made out of rocks and wood
Miniature Stone Fairy House: 3 Easy Steps to Make Them
Did you like the fairy garden collection we've shown you in the past? Then you're going to like this idea even more! http://diyprojects.ideas2live4.com/2016/05/10/make-miniature-stone-fairy-house/ Stone houses possess that magical beauty which make miniature versions of them perfect for fairy gardens! Do you want to have an enchanting fairy stone house in your yard? Then build a miniature stone house now!
a small house made out of rocks and wood
Pixie Dust
a mirror that is sitting in the dirt near flowers and potted plants on the ground
Gig Harbor Garden Tour -- Part 1
Put a mirror in your garden for a great effect ~~~ click on pot for more garden ideas