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two cats sitting on top of a cat tree in a room with white walls and wooden floors
CUBU Kratzmöbel Shop | Katzen | CATMODUL Kratzbaum
Ein günstiger Designer Kratzbaum! Kratzmöbel mit schönem Design
a cat tree that is made out of branches
Diy cat tree condo
two cats sitting on top of a shelf in the corner of a room with an open door
a cat is laying on top of a scratching post in the corner of a room
Another good plan
a black and white rat sitting on top of a table next to a toy cake
Rattie Recipes
Homemade rat treat recipes
a black cat eating toilet paper from a container
Open up toilet roll insides,place in a tray, sprinkle pellets and watch them forage! Thrifty rabbit enrichment x
a rolled up roll of paper next to two pieces of cut up bread on a white surface
Toilet Roll Rabbit Toys Part 1
Cool foraging toy for small pets & parrots... Just squash 2 or 3 toilet paper rolls into a fourth one and stock with goodies!!
some chairs are sitting on a wooden table and one chair has a roll of string attached to it
DIY Toys for Rodents
Critter toys from the pet shop can get expensive, so here are some great do-it-yourself ideas and instructions on how to make unique toys yo...
a person holding a roll of toilet paper in front of a colorful birdhouse decoration
More DIY Toys
This would want to make her go on the toilet
there are two pictures one has a cat and the other has an upside down bird feeder
TP Roll Treat Kabob
A variation of the shish ka bob. For many more idea's:
a pan filled with food sitting on top of a stove next to a burner
Homemade Rat Treats
Homemade Rat Treats