dirty talk morado

Dirty talk: la forma de enloquecer a un hombre a través del lenguaje

(Open rp, be the girl on top. I'm an angel and she's a demon) I looked at her, a cigarette clutched gently in her hand. "You see" she whispered "there's two types of people in this world. Those that do bad things, and those who have bad

But "It's just a phase" << IT'S DUCKING ADORABLE THAT'S WHAT IT IS

But "It's just a phase", right? And gay marriage is so yucky, how terrible to give other human beings the same goddamed rights as everyone else.

Having FUN together! a) What does this pic mean to me? Playfulness. Enjoying life. Romance. b) How does it make me feel? Love(d). c) What do I want in my life that this picture represents? A best friend, playful partner and hot lover. d) Who do I need to be to have this in my life? The same. Also open to creative possibilities for dating.

The problem is most people will put this on a "friendship" board. If you have this kind of friendship you might need to reevaluate because these girls are naked in a bathtub, in love.