Pushwagner - Subway kid

(Digital Graphic Artwork)Produsert 2014 Ramme: 144 x 130 cm Arkflate: 126 x 112 cm.


(Digital Graphic Artwork)Produsert 2014 Ramme: 133 x 73 cm Arkflate: 119 x 61 cm.

Pushwagner - Kunstnernes hus 81

Pushwagner - Kunstnernes hus 81

<p>TOK 10 ÅR: Pushwagner brukte 10 år på å bli ferdig med maleriet «Manhattan».</p>

(Digital Graphic Artwork)Produsert 2014 Ramme: 127 x cm Arkflate: 112 x cm.

Hariton Pushwagner, Apokalypse: Klaxton

From Hell to Electropolis: how comics depict cities – in pictures

Norwegian artist Terje Brofos, whose best known work is Soft City revels in the repetitive dehumanisation of urban life, stretching as far as the eye can see.

Kago Shintaro

Strange and twisted illustrations by Japanese Shintaro Kago, the great and tortured mangaka precursor of the "fashionable paranoia". Surreal illustrations in

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