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There's lots to learn when you start to make soap. Here I pin everything from beginner soap recipes to soap designs and techniques and the science behind it…
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the best soap molds for diy and how to use them in your home
Best Soap Molds for Beginners and Beyond
Best Soap Molds of 2022! Listed are the best silicone and wood molds, with all the pros and cons plus great tips and tutorials on how to use them.
lavender soap benefits and how to use them
Handmade Lavender Soap Benefits
Handmade Lavender Soap Benefits
three different types of soaps with the words turmric soap benefits
Turmeric Soap Benefits for Skin
Turmeric Soap Benefits for Skin
the best stick blenders for soap
Best Stick Blenders for Soap Making
What are the best stick blenders for soap making? Soap makers have told us what they think is the best immersion blender on the market. The results are in, let's take a look at the best blenders.
soap bars with lavender flowers and text overlay that says does homemade soap clog drains?
Does Homemade Soap Clog Drains?
Does Homemade Soap Clog Drains?
homemade goat milk soap with oatmeal on top and the words 8 amazing benefits of goat milk soap
8 Benefits of Goat Milk Soap (+ one Caveat!)
Find out all that goat milk soap can do for your skin, and what it certainly can't!
the best scales for soap making is on top of a scale and it's being used
Best Scales for Soap Making
Looking for the perfect soap making scape? Here are the most popular scales of soap makers for every level.
the soap guy's guide to what's trending and sharing our secrets
Craft Fair Business Tips
Looking for your next best-selling soap? Want an up-and-coming “hot seller”? Looking for some fresh new ideas? We’re letting you in on a few of our secrets!
how to use soap molds with soap dough and gold leaves on a baking sheet
Molds for Soap
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how much essential oil to use in soap recipes is easier than using an old spoon
How to Use Essential Oils for Soap Making + Usage Rates Chart
Essential Oils for Soap Making Chart - Lovely Greens Soap Making
coffee and tea in soaps with the words how to use coffee & tea in soap
How to Use Tea and Coffee in Soap - Soap Queen
essential oil blends for handmade soap with lovin'joap on the side
Essential Oil Blends for Soap
three pictures showing how to make soap in a bowl
Learn About Cold Processed Soap Trace (with pictures) - Simple Life Mom
a soap bar sitting on top of a wooden tray with text overlay that reads six ways to take better photos of your handmade soap
Citrus Ice Cooling Body Spray » The Natural Beauty Workshop