So cute! Deadpool and Baymax

Deadpool and Baymax: Created by: Mike Hawthorne --> And it fits perfectly in Marvel place

I gotta admit, I'm not sure why they're throwing their hands out like that...? XD

Can Civil War just be this opening on this dramatic scene and then it turning into a fist bump & them the rest of the movie is a comedy? I LOVE BAYMAX : BAH LA LA LA)

Tom Hiddleston.

All the singles Lokis!

This makes me laugh every time I see this. funny-thor-loki-meme-all-single-ladies.jpg << ALL THAT LOKI SASS

I'm laughing so hard yet I'm really creeped out by this<<< also bruce's face is by far the creepiest << LOOK AT HOW ADORABLE COULSON IS

The Kawaiivengers

This is what the avengers would look like if that had the same size eyes as me.


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Perfect ending picture

Jobs heroes would do...