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Doctor Who

What I love is how he particularly addresses this to the sonic, like it's his screwdriver's fault it doesn't do wood. Sonic screwdriver doesn't work on wood


One of the most epic entrances ever. Just wait till my husband gets home. Sorry I'm late, honey. Traffic was hell. Eleven and River

“If the Weeping Angels started a band it would be Don’t Blink-182.”

For facial reference to the oncoming sulk see: Rose pets a ginger cat and doesn't tell the doctor he's pretty.

Tumblr Who #9

Okay but the first one YES because remember when Clara was in the Dalek when Missy put her in and she said a whole sentence but it only translated into one word. Well, same with PHYSICS in Gallifreyian?

Moriarty dancing to Queen upon arrival at Sherrinford <3 ~ Andrew Scott on BBC Sherlock 4.3 "The Final Problem"

I Want To Break Free by Queen. Moriarty making a fabulous entrance to the music in his ears! I recommend watching Sherlock too!

If this happens I might just start watching it would be very funny

"Is the future going to be all girl?" "We can only hope.

Bwhahah and this is why I love #10!

David Tennant - wanted to be the Doctor and succeeded. Also married the Doctor's daughter. That's a dedicated fan. << and gave him a granddaughter. This is the most perfect thing ever. Marry a Doctor?