Norwegian secrets

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"I feel bad for my mother. I just can't buy a mother's day card that says "world's best mom". I went for one that said "have a nice day" instead.. And she knows very well why."

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"My shrink can't neither make me skinny nor pretty."

"I think I might be pregnant, but I don't dare to check. If I am, I have to tell four people that they MAYBE are going to be a father. I hate that I went so wild the last year of high school ..."

"Nobody knows about the relationship we had. Yesterday I watched while you married a fantastic girl. I have nobody to talk about my mixed feelings with. Could it've been us if I'd dared to try?

"I drink to forget. I'm only nineteen years old. I don't want to end up like dad."

"Today I combed my hair with my boyfriend's toothbrush."

"I want to be a pensioner. I'm 22 years old." (Pin # 100 on the board "Norwegian Secrets"!)

"When you and your stepmother become friends due to common interest ... because you're almost the same age. Awkward as fuck."

"I work in a book store. Everybody says that I'm a fantastic employee, good with the customers, skilled at making exhibitions - you name it. What nobody knows it that I steal - a lot. Books and money. It's just so easy."

"When I'm done using some equipment at the gym, I put on some extra weights so the next person will think I'm stronger than I really am."

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