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Mesa mineshaft invades flower forest biome! MCPE Seed:boomsync

This is an incredible MCPE seed! Rails and a mob spawner from a mesa mineshaft have spewed out onto a flower forest biome's floor!

Minecraft Stone Beach at Spawn /// Seed:inging

Spawn near a stone beach biome in this Minecraft Seed for PC/Mac. The Minecraft seed has dramatic rock cliffs and formations, lava flows and waterfalls.

Temple of Emeralds & Gold Seed for Minecraft: darkin (PC/Mac)

A quick trip to the desert temple in this Minecraft Seed and you'll walk away with diamonds, emeralds and more great loot. For Minecraft PC/Mac

How to spawn the YETI BOSS in Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0.8 (MCPE Addon)

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Survival Island Seed:platinumsonly (Minecraft PC/Mac)

In this Minecraft Survival Island seed for PC and Mac you spawn on a one-tree survival island that has an ocean monument on one end of the island.

Check out the Minecraft Pocket Edition Seed 'kitsurvival' - there's an ocean monument right offshore!

An ocean monument seed where you spawn on an island with the ocean monument right offshore. For Minecraft PE and higher.

River Valley Blacksmith Village Seed:vx

This Minecraft blacksmith village seed spawns you at a village above a river on the edge of a hill by swamp, roofed forest, taiga and plains biomes.