Anh Kizame Zero

Anh Kizame Zero

Hrello I like Geometric, ancient and cosmic stuffz I'm also into esoteric knowledge, philosophy and wisdom. Peace out, yo :)
Anh Kizame Zero
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Awesome, retro moon base. Looks like it could be from Thunderbirds.

The origional Gerry Anderson Moonbase from UFO. There was always a theory amongst fans, that Moonbase Alpha from Space was what this early base may have grown into.

Hearthstone Classic Card Back by on @DeviantArt

I made this card back from Hearthstone, I thought I would start with the classic back and maybe make a few more. They are surprisingly tricky to make, t. Hearthstone Classic Card Back

Tom Banwell—Leather and Resin Projects: Ronin: Respirator Gas Mask Tutorial Check out the artist's site. He really does awesome work and is even generous enough to offer some patterns and parts so that you can DIY!

This tutorial is adapted from a workshop I lead at the Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition last March in northern California. I am attempt.