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a diagram showing the direction of an object in front of a door with arrows pointing up and down
Better dressage through cavaletti training? Yes!
A true enthusiast in training with ground poles and with serpentines, this exercise will help you to feel the straightness and balance of your horse as you go from one direction to the other. I love this! Thank-you, Ingrid Klimke!
the back end of a horse's head as it walks through an obstacle course
Horses are life.
Horses are life. I cannot think of a better sport for youth than that with horses another soul to share.
the diagram shows how to use an exercise device for jumping and running, with instructions
easy jump training
the diagram shows how to use an exercise track for horses and their rider's legs
an exercise sheet with the words gymnastics exercises written in black and white, on top of it
young horse jumping exercises - Google Search
a piece of paper that has some type of writing on it with numbers and symbols
Cavaletti exercises with 4 poles
the instructions for how to stretch and strength muscles in basic training
Showjump training with Gilbert Bockmann - Part 1
Showjump Training 1 pic2
the diagram shows how to connect with each other in order to make it easier for them to move
Reconnect Your Domain |
Level: Intermediate/Advance.I love this design because it is versatile and provides a “2-in-1” training package. It allows you to concentrate your exercise in
the diagram shows how to play with each player in this game, and where they are going
a diagram showing the different types of poles
Trotting Pattern - Lessons In TR
trot pattern
the diagram shows how to make a boxing ring with two stands and one side wall
Showjumping exercise❤️
the diagram shows how to use different lines in order to make it look like they are going
Simple Show Jumping Course
an orange circle with blue arrows going through it
Abwechslungsreiche Bahnfiguren
Ideen für Kombination von Volten
two arrows are connected to one another in the same direction
Combining Flatwork + Fences: 3 Suppling Exercises for Jumping Horses
Exercise #1: Serpentine over Jumps Love this one!! Much teamwork needed!