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a woman in high heels walking across a metal grate
The Perfect Safeguard Against Twisted Ankles
The Perfect Safeguard Against Twisted Ankles
people are walking on the grass next to a stone wall that is made out of bricks
ガビオンの施工事例 | 株式会社グラニテック
ガビオンの施工事例 | 株式会社グラニテック
an open field with two poles in the middle and a house on the other side
Centre de ressources - CAUE27
there are many rocks and benches on the wooden flooring in this park area that is lined with trees
Things to do in the Lake George Area - Romeo & Giulietta's Hideaway Inn
-Landscape Architect - Bachelor's or master's degree in landscape architecture - Yes must work with laborers and other architects - Landscape architects design attractive and functional public parks, gardens, playgrounds, residential areas, college campuses, and public spaces. - Yes apart of group some are privately owned companies
a drain in the sidewalk with grass growing out of it
Roadside Garden: bioswale projects to restore water cycle in Portland, Oregon
there is a rock and grass garden along the sidewalk
Dry streamed and bioswale plantings
a truck parked on the side of a road next to a tree and water puddle
Stormwater Planters, Improving Our Environment and Our Neighborhoods | Wilkes East Neighborhood
Stormwater planters are structural landscaped reservoirs used to collect, filter, and/or infiltrate stormwater runoff, allowing pollutants to settle and filter out as the water percolates through the planter soil before infiltrating into the ground below or being piped to its downstream destination. Click image for details, and visit the Slow Ottawa 'Streets for Everyone' board for more sustainable design ideas.
the sidewalk is lined with plants and trees
Green Streets of Portland, Oregon
for green pockets in neighborhoods --Portland Oregon Green Street 1c
the steps are made of bricks and have plants growing on them
Stormwater Treatment System with runnel planter boxes @ PSU Urban Center Plaza, Portland, OR.
there are many trees in the park with no leaves on them and one tree is growing out of the ground
Various Old Posts Archives - Dusty Gedge
1000 years old? We can learn a lot from arid areas and their controlled collection and use of water. Here, basins around each tree are linked to catch, slow and convey rainwater.
the grass is growing on the side of the road
Swale on Yale, Seattle
three different views of the same building
Week 9 - A simple idea that can be used on every sidewalk to decrease the carbon footprint of every street
a cross on top of a hill with grass and flowers growing out of the ground
These Curbside Mini-Gardens Could Help Save New York City Billions of Dollars
These Curbside Mini-Gardens Could Help Save New York City Billions of Dollars