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The Sedum Roof Garden Mix is a special formula mixture of many important varieties especially suited for green roofs. Representing a wide range of foliage types and flower colour range they are extre

Sedum Plus Green Roof Mat

Lindum green roof vegetation mats are ready to roll out and are lightweight and easy to install. Suitable for extensive green roofs.

Képtalálat a következőre: „sedum covered roof”

Képtalálat a következőre: „sedum covered roof”

Image credit: ZinCo Greenroof

With our innovative system Solar Base we incorporate solar energy into green roofs. This shows significant synergy effects and solar modules will perform better.

Sedum mat around a pond - this will flower from late spring through to the autumn - it'll be a magnet for butterflies and bees

How to make a beautiful pond surround using sedum matting.

The green roof on the Public Programs office at Norfolk Botanical Garden features a colorful display succulent plants including ice plants, sedum, hen and chicks and echeveria that require little water. They create a mat of foliage.

Not totally mediterranean, but I LOVE living roofs (green roofs)! This one is from the Norfolk Botanical Gardens near me.