Those are hilarious :,D Asuna: Most badass player in sao and she has cooking on highest state//sword art online;funny

To be fair, considered the circumstances they were in having outlets was important. And food was one of the few pleasures in SAO. All progression and no actual living life make for a dead player.

Sword Art Online Fanart by xPsyren

Decided to started watching Sword Art Online today. I was blown away from the first episode! I can't wait to finish these episodes to see how this story unfolds. If you want to watch a new anime on netflix be sure to watch it!

I most likely uploaded this a million times, but who cares!!! It's Asuna x Kirito <3 (first kiss)

I loved that he kissed her during this scene. Makes my heart melt. One of my all-time favorite scene of SAO.