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i really really wanna see a total solar eclipse! I've seen a lunar eclipse, but never solar.

Bucket list ideas!

I actually want to see DisneyLAND at Christmas time. Disneyland may very well be my favorite place on earth. If I ever get rich I'm getting my kids a tutor for 3 months and we're spending Halloween thru New Years at the D.

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Sky walk above the Colorado River with a breath taking view of the Grand Canyon!

Safari is definitely on my bucket list!

Would love to go on a REAL safari. Not just the one through the African Lion Safari.

Yes. Please.

bucket list : spa day, I've actually never been to one

Buy a homeless person a full meal.

Buy a homeless person a full meal. It did more for me than it probably did for the gentleman I purchased the meal for. That's the best part of random acts of kindness and giving back.

Before I die

Must have hope, belief & faith that a cancer cure will be found! Too many have been diagnosed with cancer! RIP MOM, WHO PASSED AWAY ON Liver Cancer). My dad died of cancer back in Nov., Other family and loved one's have passed too.