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four colorful bowls sitting on top of a white wooden table next to each other and one is empty
Modern Furniture, Home Decor, Lighting & More
Folk Pad Printed Bowls | west elm
two black trays with butterflies on them and a wooden box in the back ground
Japanese Lacquerware: A Collector's Guide - Invaluable
a person is holding several wooden sticks in their left hand and the other one has an odd pattern on it
Gohobi A Set of 5 Pairs of Woodblock Chopsticks
Experience the beauty of oriental style with Gohobi's set of 5 pairs of woodblock chopsticks. Each pair in the set is crafted with traditional Japanese woodblock art, making them perfect for a housewarming gift or as an addition to your everyday table utensils. Not only are they beautiful, but also offer great value for money. Every piece is created from natural material, and may potentially contain a few wood grain lines. The price listed is for one box (5 pairs). We aim to ship your order in r
a person holding up a box of kitkat fruit lemons in front of a store
Salt Lemon Japanese Kit Kat! 🧂🍋
🤝 Lemon lovers unite! 🧂🍋 Salt and lemon are popular summer flavors in Japan so we’re not surprised that Japanese Kit Kat has a refreshingly sweet Salt Lemon variant. 🍫🥰 Om nom nom~~ 😋⁠ ⁠ #japanesecandy #japanesesnacks #kitkat #japanesekitkat
a hand holding a white bag with green leaves on it and the words how to furoshiki
How to | Furoshiki (part 1) - Pointful Things
How to | Furoshiki (part 1) - Pointful Things
Eisai Aloe Vera 99 gel After Sun, Gel Texture, Skin Gel, Skin Repair, Skin Conditions, Dry Skin, Things To Buy, Aloe Vera, Lotion
Eisai Aloe Vera Essence Lotion
Eisai Aloe Vera 99 gel
NESTLE KITKAT MINI DARK MATCHA FLAVOUR 148 G - Premium Co  Groceries Dippin Dots Ice Cream, Green Tea Kit Kat, Popular Japanese Snacks, Matcha Kit Kat, Sweet Matcha, Japan Snacks, Matcha Japan, Ice Cream Gift
NEW KIT KAT Matcha is one of the most popular Japanese snacks in the world. KIT KAT Matcha has a sweet matcha flavor mixed with creamy white chocolate, on crispy wafer. This bag contains 12 individually wrapped mini bars. By doubling the quantity of Uji Matcha green tea, Nestle have created a “strong, rich & genuine” Uji Matcha flavor especially for adults. Enjoy the mild sweetness, rich bitterness, and sharp aftertaste. Matcha is a style of preparing green tea that starts with preparing the tea