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Self-Publishing 101: Front Matter and Back Matter—More Competitive Editorial Strategies for Making your Book Stand Out | Claire McKinney Public Relations, LLC

front matter

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19 Celtic Names So Beautiful You'll Want To Have Children #childrenBoy #CharacterInspiration
Some more unique names: Sienna (girl) and Annistyn (girl)
Cool baby names ♥


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The Epic Guide to Setting Your Story | Need help with your story's setting? Check out this epic guide.
Harry Potter meets the myth. Bella Swan discusses myths. Katniss Everdeen fights like a myth. The use of a familiar myth helps make the magic more plausible because you already have practice in imagining these fantastic gods and creatures. They already exist in our communal memory, and I think we are just as eager as the YA hero to make the leap and believe that the magic is real."


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Dialogue prompts


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Writing is a powerful tool for moving ideas from your mind to the page; it helps you organize your thoughts, declutter your mind, and rediscover yourself at all ages.
This thing! Best car for people who really think that this will save them from the end of the world
Album - Google+


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how to describe one’s voice
List of better ways to describe (gasp, heated, hunger, hungry) in writing - #describe #gasp #heated #hunger #hungry #List #WAYS #writing
for when you aren't writing a chat Fic but you have chat Fic emotions


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another sad aspiring writer on Instagram: “it’s always so fun to create drama in writing since you don’t have any irl -khy🙂”
Image result for words to describe black skin tones
Body language cheat sheet�- some are just strange but others are actually pretty good.


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Powers 8/14 (Darkness)
Woopity doo murder for you<<< XDD ooh a nice murder, that'll cheer you up

good to know

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Making deeper characters for RPGs, storywriting, creative writing. NPCs or interesting protagonists, antagonists, or BBEG # | Writing advice | Writing tips
Character Worksheet

character creation and development

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Writing worksheet: Make a Decision
Writing infographic: 6 key ingredients of writing a series.

story building

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12. We did, twice. We got bored within a month and gave it back.
Spencer Ellsworth on the Crusades and religious fundamentalism in fantasy. #FactInFantasy
Quill Pen Writer: Questions to Ask When Creating Fictional Cities

world creation

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Creative Writing Tips, Words For Writers, Essay Prompts, English Writing Skills
★ mikael ★
★ mikael ★
Writing Therapy
Writing Plot Ideas Story Prompts
40+ Clever Comebacks That Are Savage
writing promptS
writing promptS
Book Ideas To Write
Poetry Prompts, Writer Tips
40+ Clever Comebacks That Are Savage
Writing Plot, Writing Inspiration Prompts, Reading Writing
Mama Mia Here We Go Again
Writing Dialogue Prompts, Dissertation Writing, Writing Letters
Novel Writing, Writing Skills, Character Prompts Drawing
Create An OC Playlist
The Writer
The Writer
Story Prompts, Unusual Words
alyssa on Twitter
JC Tarp | Storyteller + Editor
JC Tarp | Storyteller + Editor
ella martinez
ella martinez
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Kay L Moody | Author of YA Fantasy Books
Kay L Moody | Author of YA Fantasy Books
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