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an anime character with long hair and horns
☆方承意/Phương Thừa Ý 【牵丝萦宵•Khản Ty Oanh Tiêu】 *Đề từ: 红线绕指,缠尾成双 。
an anime character laying on the ground with her head covered by chains and beads,
Avatar, Rin, Manga Boy, Boys, Cute, Pretty
an anime scene with two people on a boat in the water, and one woman is hugging
an anime scene with two people standing on the deck and one person sitting down looking at something
★莫弈/Vyn/Mạc Dịch SSR【寻索•Tầm Tác】
Portraits, Fantasy Art, Fantasy, Minh
6★ 夏鸣星/Jesse/Hạ Minh Tinh 【归去来•Quy Khứ Lai】
K Pop, Asian Art, Fantasy Art Couples
6★ 萧逸/Osborn/Tiêu Dật 【镇山河•Trấn Sơn Hà】
two anime characters with swords in their hands
6★ 查理苏/Charlie/Tra Lí Tô 【阵云高•Trận Vân Cao】
a woman laying on top of a table next to candles and flowers in front of her
an anime character sitting on a bench with flowers in the foreground and a red curtain behind him
an anime scene with two people laying on the ground and flowers in the air above them
an anime character is looking at another character through a window with flowers in her hand