Angela Gossow- Arch Enemy

Angela Gossow- Arch Enemy Fronted a metal band, inspired metal bands, and now manages a metal band. Just typical flowery female shit.

Floor's Style: The Style Of: Alissa White-Gluz

Alissa White-Gluz of Montreal based metal band The Agonist, on set for their music video "Business Suits and Combat Boots.

Arch Enemy - Under Black Flags We March

Arch Enemy Under Black Flags and playing live at Peace Love Festival in June peaceandlove.

Arch Enemy - War Eternal

Arch Enemy: "War Eternal" I don't usually like death metal.but this is awesome ! Interestingly enough "Alissa White-Gluz" is an animal rights activist, and Vegan.

Arch Enemy - You will know my name

Artist: Arch Enemy Track: You Will Know My Name Album: War Eternal The whole War Eternal album is amazingly well suited for lifting heavy objects. Also, it's pretty bad ass to see a girl who can scream like Alissa.