Super cheap organization. It keeps them nice and organized and out of the way

You will love this PVC Tool Organizer that is perfect for clearing the clutter in your garage. It's pure genius and easy and inexpensive made from PVC Pipe.


Mason Jar Bathroom Organizer for bathroom. This is a really great idea to maximize your bathroom counter space.doesn't look too bad either ;

How to choose machine embroidery stabilizers by Nancy Zieman | Sewing With Nancy

Stabilizer Know-How

Die Idee zu meiner abschliessbaren Werkzeugwand kommt von einem Laubsägekasten, den ich als Kind zu Weihnachten geschenkt bekommen habe. Das Prinzip ist das gleiche nur die Dimensionen sind grösser. Da wir meine Werkstatt auch noch für andere Aktivitäten brauchen (Kino, Disco etc.) musste ich meine Werkstatt so einrichten, dass ich diese mit wenigen Handgriffen in einen Partyraum oder in ein He...

Folding lockable tool wall tools are grouped and divided into defined areas, two double doors use heavy door hinges.

Looking for an easy way to get organized this weekend?  Head to the bathroom section of your local home improvement store and stock up! Towel rods & shower curtain rings can make for an easy way to declutter your jewelry collection. #pursepod #jewelry  #DIY #EasyOrganization #Declutter

Repurpose bathroom hardware to create a DIY jewelry rack -especian the bracelets on top with towel holder 53 Seriously Life-Changing Clothing Organization Tips