The kitchen pricing page for 'Industrial Shaker Kitchen' project, priced at £30,000. This gives an example of what you can get at this price.

Industrial Shaker Showroom

A cabin like this.  #getoutdoors #upknorth The wood, the white and the Nordic. Interior via @sabonhome

There are two cuts for two corners. Nearly every part of furniture can be created in a rustic style. With a growing number of options in log cabin style nowadays,

Je vends ce luminaire suspendu au design scandinave. La branche de Genévrier accompagnée de cordons dalimentations en lin brut torsadé, font de ce luminaire une création unique et originale. Longueur bois : 80cm Hauteur : réglable Câble : Cordon lin brut torsadé, couleur naturel anthracite. Douille : Laiton cuivré, taille E27 Ampoules Vintages : 1 x Style Edison, couleur ambré 2000 K, filament croisé 2 x Globe, couleur ambré 2000 K, filament croisé Pour tout autre renseignement n’hésitez…

Suspended suspended light_Luminaire bois_Scandinave_Original_Design_Nature wood

Fine farger til hytta

Rurally yours, . Vintage farmhouse rustic small guest bedroom or sleeping nook living space design