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join knitting [ "Seams and weaving yarn tails - oh, so that is how you do it", "Knitting Instructions-Finishing: Seams and Weaving Yarn Tails I

The Almost Lost Washcloth Pattern

Almost Lost Washcloth Knitting Pattern - knit in garter stitch short rows to make a star shape.-- this is my favorite dish cloth pattern! They are cute and scrub so well.


Animaux et leurs grilles gratuites , au crochet

Doctor Who Knitting Pattern

I will learn to knit just so I can make this! Doctor Who Knitting Pattern Doctor Who Crafts Fandom Crafts Nerdy Crafts Knitting Patterns

I’m wearing this for every show!

Police Box Slouch Hat pattern by CiD Hanscom

Ravelry: Police Box Slouch Hat pattern by CiD Hanscom Dr. Who Tartis Knit Hat