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Sewing Pattern: 1930s vintage style French knickers with a touch of nostalgia. Features a side fastening and optional lace trim with a shaped yoke for added elegance. Enjoy the flair of flared legs with this classic design. Create your own timeless and stylish lingerie with this vintage-inspired pattern. #SewingPatterns #VintageFashion #FrenchKnickers #DIYFashion


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Ways to repurpose discarded orthopedic braces for costuming. Here's a swell example of a wrist brace someone transformed into beautiful spats!


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Unveil extraordinary journeys with our Travel Comfort U-Shaped Neck Support Pillow for kids. Save 42% this October and keep your little ones comfortable and secure during family trips. Don't miss out on this travel essential! 🚗
Upgrade your travel experience with our Travel Comfort U-Shaped Neck Support Pillow. Enjoy 42% off in October and make your journeys truly remarkable. Cozy, adjustable, and perfect for kids! 🍂✈️


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Cubrecorsés 1905/10


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site is in russian - Like all brilliant - this bag was invented by the Japanese. Made of thin felt or other material nesypuchego, it will be a good package for a toy that you can give to friends nicely. "Eyes" at the edges of bags - are the buttons or Velcro circles sewn to a felt base. Another close look at the "mouth", at one point they just cut, and the other - completely cut.


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ROJAS Tie Collar Harness Suspender


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Jacquard Ribbon 2 3/8 x 1 yard Metallic Silver and | Etsy


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Would you like to expand the wardrobe of your child's doll? Make some of these adorable free baby doll sewing patterns for them!

Dukkeklær(sy) - Store dukker

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Memory Dinosaurs sewing pattern (T-Rex and Pterodactyl with video). Nows your chance to recycle and create memory dinosaurs T-Rex raptor and Pterodactyl plush toys. You can make new toys with old clothes using the designer's step-by-step pattern and tutorial. The designer even includes a free video tutorial including special detailed close-up videos for the tricky parts. ou'll be given a lot of options that will allow you to personalize these dinosaur toys quite a lot. You can choose between two
Plush pig doll sewing pattern and tutorial PDF Let's make your own piggy! With this adorable stuffed pig sewing pattern, you can create a one-of-a-kind handmade toy. Perfect for a special gift or to cuddle with on a rainy day, this pattern is sure to bring lots of smiles. Get the materials you need, and get ready to embark on an amazing crafting experience. Let's make your own piggy.


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Tutorial de costura: cómo hacer una chaqueta con jeans reciclados, patchwork de hexágonos. Cómo reciclar jeans viejos. Transformación de jeans viejos. Reciclaje de ropa. Chaqueta upcycling con jeans viejos. Patrón GRATIS de chaqueta/chamerra unisex.

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