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an old black and white photo of people in front of a building with pigeons on the ground
Telemark fylke Notodden Notoddens Apothek" med torghandel i framgrunnen. Vi ser at Doktor E. Strømme har kontor i 2. etasje i apotekgården, og mellom apoteket og Notodden Teater lå "Theatercafeen". Bildet må være tatt etter 1914
a pair of ear buds sitting on top of a piece of blue leather with gold hardware
14 Gifts For the Friend Who Is Literally Always Traveling — All Under $25
two pictures of different types of electrical wires and plugs attached to each other,
11 Genius Organizing Hacks for the Most
11 genius organizing hacks for the most type a person in your life, organizing, storage ideas, Project via Kim Kim Six Fix
a wooden puzzle piece connected to headphones on a gray surface with the word love spelled in gold
Furniture & Home Decor On Sale
an earbud case made out of felt with the words, felt earbud case
DIY Felt Earbud Case - 30 Minute Crafts
an earbud is plugged into a felt case
kreative jean recyceln produkte
a person holding two flower shaped hair clips
a pair of wooden buttons sitting on top of a white surface
four cell phones with ear buds attached to the headset and cords connected to them
three wooden buttons with different shapes and sizes, one has a bear head on it