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people walking in the snow at night near a street light and traffic signal on a foggy day
Jonas Bendiksen, People headed to work in the morning, Transdniester, Moldova, 2004
men in orange work on the roof of a large building with skyscrapers in the background
Jonas Bendiksen, Photographer | Far-From-Home | 3
Jonas Bendiksen - Far From Home
three people standing in the snow with one holding a suitcase and another looking at something
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Jonas Bendiksen. RUSSIA. Birobidzhan, The Jewish Autonomous Region. 1999. People waiting for the morning bus in the freezing winter.
two young men standing next to each other in a room full of clothes and stuff
The Places We Live by Jonas Bendiksen
a man in a hat is holding a tray with food on it near the edge of a swimming pool
Jonas Bendiksen
Jonas Bendiksen
a man walking past a tall building at night
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Jonas Bendiksen MOLDOVA. Transdniester. 2004. Streetscene.
a person walking in front of an abandoned building with a dog on the other side
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Jonas Bendiksen GEORGIA. Abkhazia. Sukhum. 200
a woman standing in a room with other people sitting on the floor and looking at her
Jonas Bendiksen
people are standing in front of an illuminated sign
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Jonas Bendiksen
three people walking down a road in the middle of snow - covered hills and mountains
© Jonas Bendiksen/Magnum Photos
a group of people standing around a large cross in the middle of some snow covered ground
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Jonas Bendiksen
a group of people standing on top of a beach next to an old rusted boat
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