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Jacob wrestling with the Angel - Paul Gustave Dore 1855 (Bible illustrated)

January 16th One Year Bible Readings

~ Click on this link for today's readings ~ Genesis 32:13-34:31 ~ Matthew 11:7-30 Psalm 14:1-7 ~ Proverbs 3:19-20 Old Testament - Chapter 32 closes out with Jacob in a wrestling match! With God? Or an angel? Or God in the form of an angel? Or Jesus preincarnate? Or Michael...

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Bethel - This is where Jacob had his dream of a ladder stretching between Heaven and Earth. Bethel means "house of God", and the Ark of the Covenant was kept here for some time.

In a dream with angels ascending and descending a ladder from heaven, God extended his covenant promise to Jacob.

See How God Confirmed His Covenant Through Jacob's Ladder

Learn the meaning of the story of Jacob's ladder in the Bible when a vision unfolds of angels going up and down a stairway from heaven to earth.

Why Jacob Was Such an Important Patriarch of the Old Testament: In the dream of Jacob's Ladder, angels ascended and descended from heaven, and God extended his covenant promise to Jacob.

Meet Abraham, Father of the Jewish Nation

Abraham is the father of the Jewish nation and a key figure in both Christian and Muslim religions.

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