Tori Liseth

Tori Liseth

Oslo,Norway. / Textile artist.
Tori Liseth
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Strongholds of Resistance - Fantasy Flight Games

Concept artist and illustrator Cristi Balanescu has updated his portfolio with some of the art he created for Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars RPG.

Star Wars by christopherburdett on DeviantArt

Snake Oil Saleman Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars - Edge of the Empire - Far Horizons Digital This is one of two character pieces that I have in the Star Wars RPG Edge of the Empire: Far Horizons.

Allana Solo and Anji

Allana Djo Solo was the daughter of Jedi Knight Jacen Solo and Jedi Knight Tenel Ka Chume'Ta.

Nightsister Sith Witch

Photo by Bryan Humphrey. Taken during our Star Wars photo shoot. Costume: Nightsister Sith Witch of Dathomir from the Star Wars Universe. Nightsister Sith Witch V


Chastina was a Dathomiri Witch sister who led the Singing Mountain Clan in its clashes with.