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Toril Dahle

Toril Dahle
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Esra Roise...

Esra Røise (Oslo, Norway) "I strive to make beautiful and interesting artwork. Art is always better when there is an actual idea behind it and it is not just something made to be pretty.

astrolocherry: “♏ Scorpio is the turbulent water surge, frozen in Fixed quality, wrapped in conflict with the combative Mars propelling the deep frenetic thrust into the underworld with noxious Pluto.

Light Yagami and Ryuk. Perfection.

Death Note - Light Yagami and Ryuk. I'd heard of this show for years but only recently got around to watching it and I certainly enjoyed it. The audience is torn between rooting for Light/Kira and rooting for L. It's intense and a great anime for fans of

black and white posters

Sit ‘Noir’ Fantastic sexy and morbid black and white acrylic paint / spraycan works, by Amsterdam based artist Sit who works as a painter and graphic designer.