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some plants are growing out of concrete blocks in the garden with dirt and mulch
Creative Gardening - Plant Strawberry Plants in Cinder Blocks
Put strawberry plants in concrete blocks to edge a garden. This helps keep the strawberries off the ground and the warmth of the blocks helps them grow.
an outdoor bar made out of pallets and wine glasses on the side of a house
DIY Outdoor Bar Ideas- Relax... Have a Cocktail!
diy outdoor project made from just 2 pallets and some landscape pavers. Love!
the top tips on how to use an air freshener
Beyond spray and wipe-out
≈ Natural garden tips, plant combining and natural methods of controlling insects and other pests
the words majob, mat og jord, deru bor are in yellow and green
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a tall metal pole with two handles on each end and an arm that is attached to the
I Gros hage - hagebutikk på nett
Utedusj i kobber, I Gros Hage
several wooden crates filled with plants on top of a wooden floor next to a building
3 Ways to Avoid Genetically Modified Foods - wikiHow
Pallet gardening, perfect for gardening within a small space. Always take advantage of empty vertical space--it will leave your balcony or patio looking clean, not cluttered.
a potted plant with red and green leaves
Vegetable Gardening in Containers | For more gardening information, seed give aways, daily tips and fun facts, join us on facebook! Thousands of gardeners can't be wrong! https://www.facebook.com/thegardengeeks