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Blacker than black: Rough Crafts’ Dyna Fat Bob

Blacker than black: Rough Crafts' Dyna Fat Bob

Rough Crafts' Dyna Guerilla Fat Bob keeps the theme going with a stylish matte black, bad-ass look. Almost every surface on the Dyna Guerilla, other than the V-twins polished fins, is some shade of black.

West Coast Choppers ~ Penn Wilder Black Red War Eagle CFL - WCC ~ U.S.A.

A lot of people have been influenced by the choppers built by builders in the North West of the USA but also very much by the creations of Jesse James.

EeE Kurt : Fotoğraf

This is one of the few "non-gooseneck" motorcycles I really love. not a big fan of the ape hangers, but hey.

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