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Torgeir Slyngstad
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New Fright Rags Include Carrie, Cthulhu, and Rosemary's Baby - Daily Dead

Teacher Tool 5:  Teachers can work with teachers, students and parents to give the very best aid possible to their class.  Here, instructors can create groups for announcements to parents, groups of instructors for collaboration or other types of communication and sharing.

Funny pictures about An Age-Old Argument. Oh, and cool pics about An Age-Old Argument. Also, An Age-Old Argument photos.

I have fucking chills. This is disgusting, on so many fucking levels. Holy fuck.

a 47 year old woman forced herself onto a 15 year old BOY. male victims are not taken seriously because everyone just assumes that men are SUPPOSED to enjoy sex. how can you possibly say that he enjoyed something that he CLEARLY didn't consent to?