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Mobile bar

By Jonathan Kimak My bar consists of a little shelf with 3 tiny bottles crammed in there. If I wanted to transport my liquid refreshments anywhere all I would need…

Carlisle 7550094 Maximizer Portable Bar- cheaper

Maximizer™ Portable Bar easily fits in any foodservice environment, from banquet rooms to hotel lobbies, poolside and terrace dining. Its sleek design.

Welcome to Joben Bistro, a peculiar pub of steampunk inspiration, located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Embark yourself in a trip away from conventional design and discover the marvellous world of fiction.

Steampunk Joben Bistro Pub Inspired by Jules Verne’s Fictional Stories

My bar build. Got the wine barrels from a flea market and built the countertop and crate shelves out of pallet wood. The lights are black gas pipe with mason jars and Edison light bulbs