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an ornate wooden door with wrought iron work
Art Nouveau door, Rue Bellevue 46, Brussels, Belgium. Architect : Ernest Blérot
a street scene with focus on the entrance to an underground tunnel in the middle of the road
Hector Guimard | Bouche de métro.
an ornately decorated door on the side of a building with stone walls and windows
art nouveau vienna and europa
a wooden door with an ornate design on the front and side panels, in brown
Door at number 22 in Strasbourg by W Chris Fooshee
Art Nouveau door, Strasbourg, France More
a green building with an ornate balcony and balconies
34 Best Art Nouveau Architecture and Design - Vintagetopia
34 Best Art Nouveau Architecture and Design - vintagetopia
an old building with a circular window and steps leading up to the front door is shown
Pinterest : les photos déco les plus épinglées en avril 2015
Pinterest : les photos déco les plus épinglées en avril 2015
the entrance to an apartment building with intricate carvings
an old building with a wooden door and ornate carvings on the front, along with windows
Architecture in Paris Plus
an elaborately designed entryway with stairs and circular tiles on the floor is pictured in this photograph
Art Nouveau Style
Art Nouveau - Hotel Hannon - Bruxelles - Serre 'Jardin d'hiver':
a room with wood paneling and wooden furniture on the floor, along with a large mirror
Art Nouveau
Alexandre Charpentier (1856-1909) - Dining Room Set. Mahogany, Oak and Poplar; Metalwork of Gilt Bronze; Flower Stand of Enamelled Stoneware. Circa 1901. Designed for the Banker, Adrien Bénard in Champrosay. Musée d’Orsay
an ornate green building with wrought iron railings
Alfred Wagon, 1905. Place Etienne Pernet, 24