24 Pins
three potted plants sitting side by side on a black background, one is green and the other is brown
Кусты, Liuba Erysheva
Pokeblocks: Route 1
Forest Tavern
Forest tavern based on a worldbuilding idea
two different views of the same city in low poly
Farming Game Mockup, Inky O
two green plants sitting next to each other
LowPoly Desert Pack
the penguin game is playing on an ice - covered surface with penguins and other animals
a low poly model of a lighthouse on an island with trees and rocks in the foreground
Low Poly Tower by Yaroslav Adamov
an image of a game screen showing the location of different islands and other things in the water
an image of a game scene with many animals in the middle of the screenshot
Concept and illustrations for mobile game Rush Arena , Denis Mitin
ArtStation - Rush Arena的概念和插图
an image of a video game scene with the player in action on the ground and trees around
#17, Denis Spichkin
ArtStation - #17
an island with boats and palm trees in the water
Tropical island, Yami-Yami
an image of a small town with lots of trees
Zombie Land, Nigel Goh
ArtStation - Zombie Land
an image of a street scene with cars and people on the side of the road
the game is playing on the phone and it looks like it has many things to do