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an empty room with white walls and wood flooring on the bottom part of the wall
Realisaties Woodstoxx | Parketvloeren, Gevels & Terrassen
a room with two glass doors that have wine bottles in them and other items on the shelves
Renata Machado I André Magalhães | Arquitetura e Design de Interiores
an open kitchen and dining room with wood flooring
Interior Decorating Plans for your Home Bar
a dining room table with two vases filled with red flowers on top of it
Vinopbevaring / Wine storage
a kitchen with wooden flooring and shelves filled with various types of shoes on display
Michael Godmer Studio | Design d'intérieur | Montréal
a wine rack in the middle of a living room
Evolution Series Wine Wall
a living room filled with furniture and lots of bottles
a dining room table with two chairs and a wine cooler in the backround
a wine cellar in the middle of a room with chairs and bottles on the wall
a wine cellar with many bottles and glasses in it's glass doors that are open
a wine store with stairs leading up to the second floor and glass doors that open