Oluce Sonora 490 Gold Hanging Lamp by Vico Magistretti

Oluce Sonora 490 Gold Hanging Lamp

The Sonora Suspension Lamp was designed by Vico Magistretti for the manufacturer Oluce. This leading Italian lighting firm has worked with a roster of ta

Moooi Smoke Chair / Marteen Baas

Moooi Smoke Armchair

Moooi - Smoke Armchair: Here you can find the Smoke Armchair by the Dutch manufacturer Moooi in the Connox Online Shop for interior design

In Between Chair SK1 by Sami Kallio

&Tradition In Between Chair SK1

Mobles 114 Green Chair by Javier Mariscal

Mobles 114 Green Eco Wood Chair

Chair Green is a minimalist chair created by Spain-based designer Javier Mariscal for The chair had a more holistic engagement with its producti


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The Monolog Sectional from HighTower - The Monolog Sectional, designed by Sandin + Bülow, mix and match upholstered sections and white lacquer accessories to create endless layouts, perfect for every environment.