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Tonje Hårstad

Tonje Hårstad
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film noir, could we make this a graphic ?

Who is the mysterious woman behind the veil ? The woman who wears Un Beso Loco perfume lingers on your mind.she is mysterious, exciting and slightly dangerous !

Film Noir | Film Noir Detectives and Rebels. | sranone

What interests me about this image is the use of the shadow effect, it portrays a killing scene. This image has inspired me to portray a similar style in my own short Neo Noir film.

Strobist - Film Noir by Indianabond (Eric), via Flickr

in this image they have used a side lighting to slightly illuminate to brightn his left side but he has used a hat to give his eyes the racoon effect

Reluctant crime solver hero. Tough detective with an intellectual, ironic twist.

This image has used a film noir style by using black and white and casting shadows over the figures face as well as using a detective or gangster theme like most film noir films.

Tribute to Film Noir in Showcase of Film Noir Photography

Inspired by the mysterious atmosphere of noir films, we've decided to share with you a showcase of film noir photography