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there are many bikes hanging on the wall
Garage Organizer Ideas - Get Rid Of Clutter | Organizing And Cleaning
23 clever ways to declutter your garage
a man is working on the ceiling in his house
Utilize every inch of space in the garage, even the ceiling, by hanging wire shelves.
two metal shelves with candles and books on them
two metal shelves with pots and animals on them
Industrieel vintage meubels
Dit stoere wandkastje is erg leuk aan de muur! Vul het kastje in zoals jij wilt! Deze wandkastjes zijn handgemaakt van gebruikt metaal en hout. Afmetingen: L 67 cm x H 69 cm x D 20 cm
three metal shelves with glass bottles and other items on them, one holding a lamp
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Wandkastjes 'Woed'
three shelves with various items on them against a wall
DTP Interiors
Shelfmate | Inspiratie. I'd be too scared to hang this on wall but love it.
a white wall with some shelves on it
Sustainable Furniture Launching at Decor + Design
a wall mounted planter filled with lots of green plants
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
Photo - Google+
some shelves with plants and vases on top of each shelf in front of a white wall
dBodhi - Crafters of Origin
SHELFMATE in short: A piece of premium teak wood that 'floats' in a stylish, black iron frame. The combination of wood and iron is the signature of d-Bodhi.