Shukugawa Sakura Sagyosyo | Cari Mateo

Shukugawa Sakura Sagyosyo

Found these great linen bags with embroidery on both sides in the Japanese handmade market site, Creema. These are sold under the brand name, Shukugawa Sakura Sagyosyo. The Japanese embroidery met…

WWII era Pieced Canvas Tote Bag

WWII era Pieced Canvas Tote Bag

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Crossbody Slim Canvas Bag | As functional as it is good-looking, this handsome canvas cros... | Cross-Body Handbags

Crossbody Slim Canvas Bag

A cute basic bag and a great beginner sewing project for a teen, that takes about an hour to sew. There is also a 30-minute version that uses a different

The One-Hour Bag