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Geschenkverpackungen - Ostern /Beutel/Utensilo mit Osterhase - ein Designerstück von Feinerlei bei DaWanda

Ostern /Beutel/Utensilo mit Osterhase

Can be decorated with the kids drawings in embridery

Drawstring Bags, Patchwork Appliqué, Apply, Sewing Projects, Angeles, Cloth Bags, Pockets, Handbags, Easter

Cloths on line

I like the simple design of baby clothes stitched and then made into a laundry bag.

17499284_1014959011971135_1461919126188249925_n.png (499×700)

17499284_1014959011971135_1461919126188249925_n.png (499×700)

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