Tone Louise Lervik

Tone Louise Lervik

Tone Louise Lervik
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Isle of Skye, Scotland - this is truly an incredible place! I remember hiking through here!

The Isle of Skye is one of the best places to visit in Scotland. It has a great mix of stunning scenery and excellent food. Gurness Holm would be a great place to visit too, but it's not open to the public and Cassandra says sod off.

How to drill holes in sea glass... oh yah, and make earrings by

How-to Sea ~ Glass Earrings Martha Stewart ~ Drilling holes in sea glass. Use Silly Putty to anchor the glass in, that way you dont slip and drill your finger. Also you will feel the glass "give" into the putty & know that you are all the way through!

sea glass and silver - so simple and purty!

In this series of bracelets I explored the combination of materials such as silver, leather, glass and sea shells and their different properties.

Love my niece Erica's hair.

Lecture d'un message - mail Orange

Frida Kahlo T-shirt Art To Wear Painting camiseta pintada de Frida Fab Ceraolo Portrait I will handly print and paint this fabulous Frida's portrait On Demand for YOU, on YOUR Tee, with my unique t