How To Crochet Aviator Hat - Adorable Baby Or Adult Crochet Pattern

How to crochet an aviator hat you might ask. Well this Aviator Hat is super cute, warm and toasty. Whether it is for an adorable baby or fully grown man

Ravelry: Trin-Annelie en * SKY BoB .... TEST *

Trin-Annelie's *sKY BoB....TEsT*

:) Personally I´m not such a big fan wearing transparent fabrics, so I decided to use a sportweight toghether with the kidsilk at the lower parts of the sleeves. In white to get more contrast.

I got your back Jack. Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

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Ravelry: Løvfallhals / Falling Leaves Collar pattern by Strikkelisa

Løvfallhals / Falling Leaves Collar pattern by Strikkelisa