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a black and white vw bus parked on the beach with luggage on top of it
1965 Volkswagen Microbus: Prices, Reviews & Pictures
Picture of 1965 Volkswagen Microbus, exterior
two views of an rv with chairs and tables
Weekend Camper Fun: The Modern VW Bus - The English Room
The new Volkswagen Microbus concept is a tribute to the original in style, but is completely modern in its environmental consciousness. The new VW bus is a bio-diesel hybrid filled with modern gadgets not imagined during first go-round. The new design, the Verdier, after its Canadian designer Alexander Verdier, is all about making the campervan cooler, more functional and more environmentally friendly. It also features an adjustable roof, various fold-outs, a table and stove, and two awnings.
an old fashion car is on display in a showroom with black drapes and wood paneling
Vedlagt bilde
three pictures of an old car parked in front of a fence and another photo of the same car
Citroën DS 19 Coupé Le Dandy 1965
Citroën DS19 Le Dandy by Henri Chapron 1962 [foto's Wouter Bregman]
an old white van is parked on the street
Top Hatter
citroen van, I love this thing!
an old green van parked on top of a brick road
Citroën DS
a man driving a wooden boat in the water
Boats On The Boardwalk Through The Magic Eye Of “Wylie. – Classic Boats | Woody Boater
1923 Ditchburn Fisher-Allison Class Race Boat
2015 Indian Motorcycle Scout - 100 HP, 45 MPG super gallery (68 photos + video) Indian Motorcycles, Indian Motorcycle Scout, Indian Motors, Low Storage, Jet Skies, Indian Scout, Mv Agusta, Hot Bikes, Cool Motorcycles
2015 Indian Motorcycle Scout - 100 HP, 45 MPG super gallery (68 photos + video)
an old red convertible car parked in front of a statue and trees with no leaves on it
Jacob Munkhammar – Flying Citroën
Jacob Munkhammar flying citroen 5
an electric bike is shown in front of a gray background with light coming from behind it
Audi e-bike Wörthersee lets you pop wheelies eco-style, plays nice with your smartphone
I want to ride my bicycle...
an old car is parked in a garage
Citroën DS Tissier