Edwardian hairstyles

dryingthebones: “ A Victorian woman took beauty and grooming very seriously. She kept a small journal for her own beauty recipes.

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thevintagethimble: “ Edwardian Hairstyles A collection of Edwardian photographs, depicting some of the hairstyles of the time, like the Low Pompadour. Flapper (The title.


1914 This could be a girl slightly older than Pollyanna. Many still had long, uncut hair. It would not usually have been piled high (as in Gibson Girl time) but hair was usually arranged to extend around the head and come out some from the sides.

Tuto coiffure Belle-Epoque

Tuto coiffure Belle-Epoque (Temps d'élégance)

Vintage Stock - Mary Pickford by ~Hello-Tuesday on deviantART

Mary Pickford - c. 1920 - Ziegfeld Girl - Photo by Alfred Cheney Johnston - Mlle "Mirror Shot"

60s love the sunglasses I was totally born in the wrong year!!

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Spring Awakening Warm up your look in the new year with hair and makeup inspired by the beachy bombshells of the Read more: Beach Bombshell Beauty - Vintage Style Trends - Marie Claire- love these glasses

nice top hat

Unknown man in vintage photograph. This is probably Basil Gill, British film actor whose film career started with Henry VIII a short silent film.