Veinticinco obras, 25 años. Jofebar by Blanca Prol, via Behance

Black & white with accent colour - Veinticinco obras, 25 años. Jofebar by Blanca Prol Good for interdisciplinary design portfolio

Design Quotes #7 Art Print

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The big bold type creates a nice scale and contrast to the smaller text as well as the canvas or packaging. The cropping of the letterforms bleeding off of the package reinforce the scale of the letterforms.

single hop project posters

Taxi Driver - movie poster single hop project posters Alternative movie posters Minimalist poster for disney movies hahahah love this

Flu - Send Sick Friends Get Well Soon E-Cards

Banjo Music

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gentle by countryvibe 10 Cool Android & iPhone Homescreens & Lockscreens



workroom has updated their site with new projects seoul poster design: kang gyeong-tak