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the back side of a shed with some tools in it
DIY Projects and Ideas
This small wooden shed is big enough to store a lawn mower and some gardening supplies. We'll show you how to build one just like it in your backyard.
an outdoor bar with wooden chairs and tables in the grass next to a small shed
Photos: Couple turn garden shed into authentic pub in 3 days for $600 — Business Insider
a wooden shed with chairs and tables in it
Pub Sheds are the Latest Backyard Trend | Portland
Pub Sheds are the Latest Backyard Trend | Portland
a small wooden structure in the middle of a field with grass and trees behind it
Installed Sheds & Garages
If they were to remake the movie “Cocktail”, this would be the perfect backyard bar. Couldn't you picture Tom Cruise standing here?
a woman standing in front of a small bar with stools and tables next to it
Contact — Outdoor Excapes
Contact — Outdoor Excapes
an outdoor bar with three stools next to it and flowers in the foreground
10X10 Standard Bar Shed
Standard Bar Shed 10X10
two people sitting at a bar in front of a wooden shed with a television on the wall
Installed Sheds & Garages
Bottles up! This bar shed would fit great in most backyards. Invite your friends and family over now. Photo Credit:
a wooden shed with two chairs and a bar in the back yard, surrounded by green grass
Move Over Man Caves - There's a New Trend on the Rise: Bar Sheds
If you\'re a fan of man caves, wait until you see these awesome bar sheds. A bar shed is just as it sounds, an outdoor shed outfitted with a bar!
an outdoor bar with three stools and a sign that says miss's on it
Pub shed
Pub shed
an outdoor bar with stools and tables in front of a wooden building that has a metal roof
Siesta Poolside Bar - Exterior Shots
10' x 12' Timberframe Siesta Poolside Bar - metal rood
two people standing in the back of a small white shed with doors open and one person playing guitar
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How to Build a Game Day Shed