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Hiromi Sumida
Muscheln an der Küste seashells on the seashore - Sealife I Love The Beach, Foto Art, Am Meer, Ocean Beach, Pink Beach, Pink Summer, Shell Beach, Pink Ocean, Soft Summer

Rose murex shell ~ the seashell my Granny had when I was a small child, and through which I first learned to hear the sound of the ocean in a shell.

Egg Cowrie Seashell White Ovula Ovum Sea Shell - An Island Girl Octopus Vulgaris, Shell Game, Shell Collection, Shell Beach, Sea And Ocean, Island Girl, Ocean Life, Marine Life, Sea Creatures

Egg Cowrie Seashell White Ovula Ovum Sea Shell - An Island Girl

Egg Cowrie SeashellThis beautiful Egg Cowrie shell is sure to get lots of attention. They are wonderful snow white polished shells, with a mahogany colored interior. Each large shell measures 2 to 3+ inches long. Perfect for that shabby chic beach house decor! Special ~Each Egg Cowrie Shell is only $3.99!!!~ What a perfect gift for yourself, or anyone who marvels at the true beauty of natural seashells from the ocean. Anyone who lives by the shore, or those that dream they do, would…

A spider conch sea shell ('Shankh' in hindi) ¿ES GUAPA. Shell Game, Shell Collection, Shell Beach, Nautilus, Foto Art, Sea And Ocean, Sea World, Ocean Life, Marine Life

A spider conch sea shell ('Shankh' in hindi)

This is the shell of a medium sized salt water snail. 'Shankhs' or conches have great relevence in hinduism.

GLORIOUS CHERRY RED + PINK Haliotis queketti, common name Quekett's abalone, is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Haliotidae, the abalones. Shell Collection, Shell Beach, Ocean Creatures, Shell Art, Shell Crafts, Cherry Red, Ocean Life, Marine Life, Red And Pink

Haliotis queketti 30mm GEM GLORIOUS CHERRY RED PINK


sand dollars a.a mermaid money (beach, sea, shells, ocean, coast) Shell Beach, I Love The Beach, Ocean Life, Ocean Art, Ocean Waves, Am Meer, Belleza Natural, Sea Creatures, Mythical Creatures

The Art Of Seashell Hunting

Seashell collecting is a popular pastime for all ages. I have wonderful childhood memories of collecting shells with my grandparents every s...