From Suitcase to Doggy Bed

Take a look at these ideas and build a nice and comfortable bed for your pet. Unused stuff at your home can be recycled and turned into pet beds that looks packed yet stylish. There is absolutely no skill required, all you need is creativity.

From Refrigerator to Ice Chest

What can do you do with your old refrigerator? Cool ideas for making great use of your old refrigerator - it's fun!

From Corks to Planters

These cork planters make for an easy fridge magnet DIY. They are simple to make and only require wine corks, magnets, some soil and succulent clippings.

From CD Cases to Chandelier

Rethink the archaic CD jewel case with designer Josh Owen's CD Case Chandelier, a masterful reuse of otherwise landfill-clogging plastic


How to Make an Onion Grill Cleaner. A disgusting grill top is something no cook ever wants to encounter. Leave your outdoor grill neat and clean using this one simple trick. As an added bonus, this nifty idea will not only clean your grill.


Baking Soda: Your Frugal Friend [Natural Cleaning with Lemons, Sponges and Baking Soda] You may know this white powdery sub.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee Grounds