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an open notebook with writing and doodles on it
35 Fall Bullet Journal Doodles And Cover Pages For Your Inspiration - The Creatives Hour
an open book with plants on it and the words plant care written in black ink
Houseplant Care Log
Houseplant Care Log
Houseplant Care Log
Houseplant Care Log
Houseplant Care Log
Houseplant Care Log
Love, love, love this way to record my plant data. I can journal all of my houseplant data and even include my plant baby's nickname. Coolest find. **SAMPLE PAGES ATTACHED TO THIS PIN** LIMITLESS ways to use!!
an open notebook with plants on it and lights in the background, surrounded by fake fur
25+ Houseplant Layouts You Need In Your Bullet Journal
two open notebooks sitting on top of a wooden picnic table next to each other
Updated plant care page!!!🌿🌿
a person sitting at a desk with a notebook and pen in front of them that says plants i haven't killed
Bullet Journal Plant Care Tracker
an open book with pictures of plants on it
a notebook with roses drawn on it next to a pen
How To Draw Beautiful Flowers Even If You're Not Artistic
someone is drawing roses on a notebook with marker pens and pencils next to it
Bullet Journal Addict - How To Draw Roses & Rose Themes for Bullet Journals
an open notebook with doodles on it and some colored markers next to it in the background
20 Step-By-Step Bullet Journal Doodle Tutorials Vol.1
an open notebook with stickers on it next to three pens and a flower pot
12 Best Floral Bullet Journal Spreads Perfect for Spring
an open book with drawings on it and some bookshelves in the back ground
My Inner Creative - The Home of 400+ Bullet journal themes
an open book with drawings on the pages and in front of it is a potted plant
Bullet journal TO-BE-READ SHELF