Trine Marie Melvold

Trine Marie Melvold

Trine Marie Melvold
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Kelly Bjork, Butt Island, gouache and pencil on paper, 15 x 19 inches, 2017

Kelly Bjork's illustrations put a witty twist on personal moments and intimacy. Kelly Bjork grew up in Tacoma, Washington and graduated from Western Washin

Brunettes, Portraits

“be #tender when you #love,
remember where the wounds are
what the line is
which words burn
how not to draw blood
and if you
leave your #lover as #soft as you found them,
if not
softer.” ~ @beingupile  #beingupile #poet #poetry #beauty #melaninmagic✨ #love  Muse: @baldheadlilboy : @mrcheyl

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